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What do I have to pay attention to if I want to introduce UX in the company?

Qualification & Training

What is "Human-centered Design" or "Design Thinking" and can I get to know it?

If organizations want to avoid building solutions for which they then have to search for the problems first, the path to user-centeredness and thus human-centeredness is unavoidable.


It already starts with a decisive and specific corporate strategy, right up to the qualification of employees and teams. But we don't mean that a manager tells his/her employee to read a book and then that employee will be responsible for Human-Centered Design or UX. Or a colleague is sent home with a "professional" certificate after 2 days of all-around training... knowing full well that no one can be a "professional" after 2 days of training. Such a "fig-leaf" leads to employees that are always on the defensive in an organization, always justifying themselves to third parties.

What are the individual services about, what are the results and benefits for you and your company!

Would you like to know more?
We (and we hope you) have no desire for that!

We prefer to educate decision makers, team leaders or developers about "What is Human-centered Design?" in order to realign the organization with the human being. We train the different methods of human-centered system or service design. In this way, well-founded knowledge based on standards and best practice replaces arbitrariness or pointless chasing after a current buzzword*. As supplementation, we offer with "Design Thinking" a creative entry point to deal with problems or challenges in a new and collaborative way.

*Yes, we actually do CX too, but we do it seriously, as part of a comprehensive human-centered design!

Alpha Awards Grand Prix - Customer Journey Map

Customer journey as part of an online workshop at the Alpha Award Grand Prix .
(Collaboratively created with Miro)

CFO asks his CEO, "What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave the company?" CEO answers, "What happens if we don't, and they stay?"


It's never too late to start

Design Thinking

Using creative methods to explore and work on a challenge together in a team - to recognize whether there is a problem to be understood... or to recognize that something completely different is at stake!

Target space formulated, project approaches, methodological knowledge

Introduction to Human-Centred Design

Training on the basics of human-centered design (HCD) for decision-makers, project and product managers, planners and implementing roles.

Basic knowledge of UX, usability and human-centred design

Qualification and Skill Development

Communicating and practicing methods and procedures from the UX, usability and human-centered design environment, very close to your needs and your projects.

Construction and expansion of
skills and abilities

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