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“We need to better embed UX in the organization!” 

For companies

How mature is your company in UX and what does human-centered mean for the product landscape?

Putting people first... that sounds great. And maybe your company has been doing this for quite some time. However, you are now confronted with terms such as CX (Customer Experience), BX (Brand Experience) or EX (Employee Experience) – does that really mean that everything has to be rolled up again? No!

We can reassure you. As long as you keep people in mind, these are only partial aspects of the same human-centered scope of action that you have already implemented in the company. Maybe it still needs some refinement there or there, but that's a normal process.

More about the difference between CX and UX, their interaction and  read about the danger of dehumanization through CX here .

What are the individual services about, what are the results and benefits for you and your company!

Would you like to know more?

"Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken."

Warren Buffett

Is your company efficient?

Assessing the performance of an organization is, however, a critical moment in taking stock of the “People first” statement. But instead of choosing one of the many maturity models that populate the Internet in increasing numbers, we rely on limited spectacular but all the more powerful international standards.  They may not be that hip, but that's why our maturity assessment is based on a compliance assessment against human-centred design.

Human Centered Design in Organizations - swohlwahr


The existing systems, processes, products and tools of a company can also be taken into account by our methods and their strengths and weaknesses evaluated in respect to "Human Centered Strategy". This results in an informed picture of a product and service landscape, including the relevant processes. This landscape shows the opportunities for an organization to strategically position itself according to its needs. However, it also reveals the risks that can hinder or even thwart innovation.

Of course, you can leave this be and simply assume that your company is doing everything right and is well aware of all the strengths and weaknesses of its own products, systems and services..... But then we wonder why you are reading this...

Because we think you are serious

HCD Maturity Assessment

Know how well your organization already works in the field of UX/CX - based on an assessment according to international standards!

Compliance report against ISO 9241-210, evaluation of the individual compliance criteria for your organization, identified scope for action

Service & System Landscape

A (re)evaluation of the existing systems, processes, products and services of the company, including internal tools.
From the point of view of needs orientation, human centering and sustainability.

Documented landscape of the relevant products, systems, processes and services; fields of action, milestone plan

Service & System SWOT

Classification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organization's existing systems, processes, products and services.
From the point of view of needs orientation, human centering and sustainability.

SWOT analysis of the relevant products, systems, processes and services; fields of action

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