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Companies operate better when they work in a human-centered manner, recognizing sustainability and ethical action not as a burden but as an opportunity and added value. Companies work more efficiently when strategies and corporate goals are designed and lived in a user- and needs-oriented way. Companies change when human-centered design finds its way into projects in a pragmatic, technically clean and standard-compliant way.

These are our services - swohlwahr
A little meaningless?

Just like systems that do not focus on people's needs when planning!

Human centered strategy for companies
who want to change

"Know thy user, and you are not thy user!"

Arnie Lund


The brains behind it

We are fit in demand-oriented and human-centered strategy. And because we have been involved in implementation projects in various positions for many years, we know that companies and many of their projects suffer from a lack of strategy and incomplete frontloading. Here we start. However, we are not an agency that implements your projects or solves your problems for you. We support you in setting up your own human-centric strategy in order to benefit from it in the long term. And we have no problem going if you are fit.

Commitment & Partners

Logo mit Link zu engaging Lab - Roman Rackwitz - Gamification Experte

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) - Participation in working groups

Logo mit Link zum World Usability Congress
World-of-experience Logo WOX
Logo mit Link zur UXPA Austria - dem österreichischen Berufsverband für UX Professionals
Logo und Link zum Future of Industrial Usability Day

German Institute for Standardization e. V. (DIN) Participation in working groups

Logo und Link zum Internationalen Akkreditierungsprogram für UX Professionals
Logo und Link zum Sustainable UX Network

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