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“What exactly does corporate social responsibility mean in a modern company?” 

The Human-centered Organization Canvas

Corporate Social Responsibility for resilient and agile Organizations

Modern corporate culture and economic success are not mutually exclusive. They even promote each other if human-centered social responsibility is taken seriously. But how can companies clearly identify the various principles of such a corporate ethic and make them part of a strategy in a way that can be planned?

In the Human-centered Organization Canvas, responsible roles or persons and their activities are assigned for the various principles, each of which also stands for a field of action. The activities of the respective designated persons must contribute directly and/or indirectly to the principle and to the intended goal. Several roles/persons can be assigned to a topic, but it is important to identify an accountable role or person in each case.

Download the canvas including the explanation of its elements as a PDF under the Creative Commons license here.

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The Human-centered Organization Canvas
The Human-centered Organization Canvas | swohlwahr

"Corporate Social Responsibility is a hard-edged business decision. Not because it is a nice thing to do or because people are forcing us to do it because it is good for our business."

Niall FitzGerald

According to international standards

The Human-centered Organization Canvas is based on ISO 27500 "The human-centered organization" and ISO 26000 "Guide to social responsibility".

Use of the ISO Standards to support the Human-centered Organization | swohlwahr
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