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So you know who you are dealing with!

It may have felt that when we communicate clearly and sometimes provocatively, we feel a little arrogant or overconfident. But unfortunately we've had too much marketing talk and buzzword bingo behind us. We don't want to drive pigs through the village that make noise but don't have any lasting effect, or set ourselves apart from the competition with new word creations that describe old things. Because in the end it always remains standardized and proven know-how for decades - the same water that everyone cooks with. But without currying favor, but with clear goals.


It is time to focus on the human being- that is the essence of everything we have learned in more than 26 years from many perspectives. We work as a team, don't sugarcoat anything and address everything, because that's the only way you'll benefit.  That's why it's important to us to work with companies that really want to change.

Mag. (FH) Claudia Bruckschwaiger

I am a trainer and UX strategy consultant with a focus on human-centred, sustainable and needs-oriented change and innovation management. For close to 20 years I have been dealing with the interdisciplinary connection of different technologies, with a strong focus on ethical data-driven solution development. After founding an international startup, project experience in software design, digital strategy and personnel service in a managerial position, I now work on strategic digitization projects with startups, SMEs and corporations. My focus is primarily on the evaluation and connection of user and company strategic needs in order to make a sustainable implementation of innovation possible.

I have been a lecturer in interaction design in Salzburg since 2017.

Claudia Bruckschwaiger Strategieberaterin und geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin bei swohlwahr
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With swohlwohl GmbH & Co. KG Austria, I am the contact person for customers primarily in the Vienna area, but also throughout Austria.

Prof. Clemens Lutsch

Clemens Lutsch Experte für menschzentrierte Strategie und geschäftsführender Gesellschafterin bei swohlwahr Deutschland - er sieht sehr ernst direkt in die Kamera
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Empowering companies to do the right things in the right ways for the right reasons! This has kept me busy now for close to 30 years, during which time I have worked as an industrial anthropologist and trainer in the areas of user experience, human-centred strategy and usability. I have developed my expertise by working as a freelance consultant, as a manager in agencies, in industry and as a UX manager at Microsoft; it was and is sharpened by my many years of work in national and international standardization... and for some standards I am responsible as editor (ISO 9241-100 and ISO 9241-161). I am Professor for Human-centered Strategy and User Experience at the International University SDI Munich  and head of the Information Architecture and Content Creation (B.A.) and Intercultural Interaction Design (B.A.) programs.


As an author and keynote speaker dedicated to a holistic approach to human-centered strategy, sustainability and ethics in the age of digitalization, my contributions pop up here and there... and then you may stumble across one or the other - or about my short stories in “Der bemerkenswerte Herr Mirchow”.

With swohlwohl GmbH & Co. KG Germany, I am the contact person for customers primarily in Munich and the surrounding area, but also throughout Germany.

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