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I have so much know-how about my product, can I build a service out of it?

Human Centered Strategy

How does your company put the human being at the center of its processes, systems, services and products?

Wherever companies develop or change their organization, their processes, systems, services or products, they can consider people with their different requirements and needs instead of the strictly functional view.


Human Centered Strategy creates a new skill whose effects radiate from reducing risks to increasing efficiency in all areas of the organization. We activate strategic potential, develop the relevant KPIs with you and explore the ROI... because human-centered strategy pays off for the entire company.

What are the individual services about, what are the results and benefits for you and your company!

Would you like to know more?

"The essence of strategy is choosing what NOT to do."

Michael Porter

Sound action models for a strong strategy

We apply models based on international standards and combine different approaches into a holistic set of methods. For example, working with the novel Human Centered Strategy Business Model Canvas we developed means that, unfortunately, concepts like "USP" and "Value Proposition" are actually taken seriously. And yes, we are absolutely allergic to bullshit words and marketing placeholders.

So if you are not really interested in well-founded models of action in strategy development and rather see people more as an annoying disruptive factor in your business, then unfortunately you are completely wrong here.

Otherwise, you are welcome to book these services with us

Strategy Workshop

UX strategy workshop to define a human-centered strategy based on the standardized procedure of ISO 9241-210 Human Centered Design.

Strategic corporate goals, strategic programs and fields of action. First assignments.

ROI Workshops

Develop relevant, reliable, valid return of investment (ROI) streams and opportunities, and clarify associated responsibilities.

ROI streams, potentials and chances defined

KPI Workshops

Develop relevant, reliable, valid UX key performance indicators and build reporting for UX KPIs.

KPI(s) defined, system for collecting and reporting KPIs

Digitization Workshop

Strategically plan human-centric digitization by focusing on measures that unleash potential by increasing efficiency - and make employees active participants

Service modeling for digitization projects

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Competitive Analysis

Identification of performance characteristics & qualities
of competitors and their systems, products and services

Competitive analysis, SWOT analysis of competitive solutions

Innovation Management

New systems and products through our CAN model (Capability Assessment for Needs), which evaluates the quality and resilience of ideas, suggestions, data and requirements.

Identification and/or evaluation of an innovation project using the CAN model.

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