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How do we get the user tests into the project?

In processes & projects

Yeah, you kind of know the current solution isn't that great... but how do you do HCD right?

One of the core areas of an organization is its offerings, such as products and services. This makes it all the more critical when surprising problems occur during implementation or the product is not accepted by customers as hoped for after a long development phase. If there is too much focus on technologies and features, it often happens that the added value for users is reduced or even completely nullified.


In order to prevent this danger from arising in the first place, it is necessary to anchor the context of use as a guiding basis for implementation teams at an early stage. In addition, there are often projects that simply do not run well.

Communication problems and exploding budgets are symptoms of planning errors but also fundamental misunderstandings of human-centered processes. And in the end the motivation collapses, because the "solution is a botch, it has to be released, but could be so much better."


What are the individual services about, what are the results and benefits for you and your company!

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UX in product life cycle - swohlwahr

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

Douglas Adams

With a focus on the human being, not technology.

What if the horse has already left the barn? By way of a UX inspection, which records the current status of a solution on the basis of current international standards, the next target-oriented improvements can be developed and planned. If the project is still in the implementation phase but first problems are already visible, the "Project Assessment" deals intensively with the activities, stakeholders, artifacts and results. In this way, processes can be modified or set up anew, cooperation can be improved and the project can be brought back on track.


However, human-centered design is not a point-in-time or one-off job to be done at product launch. Rather, it is interwoven throughout all areas of the organization. If a company is not yet fully fit in Human Centered Strategies, it is always difficult not to fall back into old patterns at first. Our project support offers a means of control that represents the user-centered position in development and thus contributes significantly to the successful implementation of the real needs of the users.

Of course, we could take over the project work and the implementation... but then your company would not learn anything and nobody would benefit from that.

When routine becomes added value

Context of Use Workshop

The next project: what, who, why, how, where... and what the organization wants to achieve with it (and no, "earn more" does not count here!).

Context of Use documentation (based on ISO 25063)

UX Project

Performance parameters of a UX project are elicited and evaluated to identify problems, as well as actionable measures to to be formulated for remediation

Project assessment report, measures to prevent/mitigate negative effects

UX Inspection

Evaluation of a system by
the method of Expert Review, which identifies deficiencies in the
the ergonomic quality of the system.

Documentation of the defects observed, their weighting according to severity, determination of the types, and recommendations for action for rectification

UX Project Support

Support of UX projects by experienced experts, who support or convey activities, as well as ensure obtaining necessary results

A successful project – or a project that was changed or stopped in time.

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